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Established shareholder Egyptian company providing a comprehensive set of solutions to health care organization in Egypt.

It was established in year 1987 , We are continuously performing careful studies of Egyptian market and its requirement and accordingly our strategies have been formed to give the best advice and after sales follow-up and services which put us in the front runner of the specialized companies in Egypt.


It is a Korean company working in medical devices industry, which is characterized by diversity in providing the hospitals and medical centers needs of various devices

It is a leading England company working in the manufacture of high-tech medical devices with the latest technology in the world, which provides specialized products in the equipment of obstetrics and gynecology , vascular and ICU

It is a Chinese company working in the manufacture of high-tech ultrasound devices, with a variety of probes that allows multi using to doctors

It is a Saudi-England company working in the manufacture of various surgical sutures that the Egyptian market has relied on for more than 30 years

Is a Polish company working in various medical supplies that provide a different set of medical supplies with high quality

It is a Swedish company that specializes in medical bandages and hospitalization supplies that provide various products with high quality

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