Dopplex ABI Ankle Brachial Index Kit

Ankle Brachial Index Pressure Confirmed with Waveforms

The Ankle Brachial Index Kit (ABI) kit contains a DMX Doppler, Doppler probes and cuffs to provide the wound care or vascular specialist with a system to help in the assessment of arterial disease prior to bandaging.

Doppler waveforms can be stored on the internal memory and reviewed at any time. Alternatively the waveforms can be transferred to the DR5 Lite Software package for archiving, reviewing and printing of reports.

The ABI kit includes:

• DMX digital Doppler

• Medical grade recharging kit

• EZ8XS widebeam 8MHz Doppler probe

• VP5XS Doppler probe

• Trigger operated sphyg

• Arm/Ankle cuffs (standard and large: latex free)

• Educational CD

• Large carry bag