Dopplex DMX Digital Doppler

Dopplex DMX Digital Doppler with Waveform

Our Bi-Directional waveform is uniquely generated from the digital Doppler spectrum. This gives the clinician objective evidence to assist in the diagnosis of vascular disease that other Dopplers may find difficult or impossible to achieve.

Our algorithms optimise the presentation of waveforms and enhance the quality of sound using our unique Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction (DDNR) system and gel filter. Doppler sound recording and playback is just one of the many new features in this state-of-the-art digital Doppler unit.

The key features of the DMX are:

High Resolution Colour Display.

• Bi-directional Waveform generated from the Digital Doppler Spectrum with Auto Scaling features.

• Data Storage on Micro SD Card.

• Integrated Charging & Connectivity.

• High Sensitivity Interchangeable Probes.

• Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction.

Documentation and Archiving : Dopplex DR5

is a unique vascular reporting software package for use in conjunction with the Dopplex DMX. It allows real time visualisation of waveforms on a PC. An unlimited number of traces can be transferred and stored for reviewing, archiving and printing.

Key features of DR5 include:

   • Displays Doppler colour spectral waveforms in real time

   • Replay of Doppler waveforms and sounds

   • An integral database for patient data storage and Doppler sound files

   • The facility to package tests together for transmission to other

   locations (V5.2)

   • A PDF generator enables the final reports to be saved and transferred

   to an external ERP system

   • Calculations of various Doppler Indices (V5.1)