Smartsigns MiniPulse Handheld Pulse Oximeter

The smartsigns® MiniPulse…

The Professionals’ choice, ideal for both spot checking and continuous monitoring of Adult, Paediatric and Neonatal patients. With a choice of two lightweight hand held models, the MiniPulse range has been designed to provide clinicians with fast, reliable, portable measurements in almost any setting.

What the smartsigns® MiniPulse delivers:

   • Larger Display

   • Long Battery Life

   • Value for Money


The simple user interface and one of the largest displays in its class provide easy visualisation of patient status even in the most challenging situations.


The large, bright LED display offers exceptional performance allowing the patient’s saturation level, pulse rate and signal quality to be viewed from both wide angles and long distances.


At the core of each model, both instruments use a clinically validated technology which ensures reliable measurements deliver consistent results for both the user and the patient at all times.

Integrated Monitoring

The oximetery level and pulse rate measurements are complimented by a software controlled synchronised pulse tone which changes its pitch according to the patient’s saturation level. This feature provides additional confirmation of patient wellbeing and an early warning of changes in patient status.

The pulsatility index (PI) display compliments the measurements by providing a relative indication of signal quality enabling the user to either confirm the signal quality at the sensor site or make comparative measurements at different sites. 

To prevent patient distraction during long term continuous measurements or periods of rest, the user can select the instruments ‘silent mode’ to disable the pulse tone without compromising the management of the patient.

A comprehensive set of user adjustable alarms are available from both models and can be customised to match the different clinical settings. Alarm conditions whether they are physiological or technical are supported by a series of intuitive status messages.

Through the simple single level menu structure, the instruments display can be programmed to automatically adjust its intensity to optimise battery life.