Dopplex 8MHz Intraoperative Surgical Probe

Re-Sterilisable 8MHz Surgical Doppler Probe

Quality control is vitally important in performing surgery, if secondary intervention and re-operation are to be avoided.

The Dopplex intraoperative probe can assist in the performance of safe surgery. Using Doppler ultrasound the probes provide immediate evidence of success in vascular reconstructive procedures. By confirming blood flow prior to closing, time and costs of a potential re-operation can be saved.

Furthermore the risk of prolonged ischemic time is significantly reduced.

The probe can also be used to locate small vessels in skin flap planning and during cosmetic procedures.

“Although I do appreciate the financial restrictions present in many hospitals, there is no doubt that having to take a blocked graft back to theatre or worse still, an amputation, will cost much more than several probes and the Doppler unit.” M. Lewis, UK.

Dopplex 8MHz Intraoperative

·  Huntleigh Dopplex DMXR Doppler.

· Three 8 MHz intraoperative probes.

· Connector

· Clamp

· Battery

· Carrying Bag