Smartsigns compact 1200


The demands and dynamics associated with patient wellbeing revolves around being able to make the right decision at the right time, the Smartsigns Compact series of patient monitors rises to these challenges whatever the environment.

Whether you prefer to display patient status in this traditional format or alternatively display them as aseries of large numbers, using the SC1500 this choice and selection could not be simpler; changing from one format to another is achieved through a single key press operation. Individual profiles can be developed for each of your patient groups matching the monitor’s capability with your clinical speciality and environment. Profiles can either be created locally through the monitor’s user interface or developed remotely and deployed via your technical service team.

SC1200 – Patient Monitor 12″

Modular configuration

The base configuration can be expanded to meet the challenges of any low, medium and high acuity setting

12.1” Crystal clear display

High resolution display ensures continuous visibility of patient status

User definable profiles

Predefined profiles can be developed by the user to match the patient group or local environment

Automatic or manual event capture

Changes in patient status are automatically captured, stored and made available for review keeping you in touch with your patient at all times

Touchscreen navigation with smart key operation

Simple point and press functionality enhances system navigation, the smart key operation supports quick access to the most common features

Multi-level user programmable alarms

Graded audible and visual alarms keeps you informed of changes with patient status

Ambient light sensor

Automatically adjusts the intensity of the display maximising the contrast between the display and local lighting

SC 1200 Monitoring Options

Base configurationECG (3/5), Respiration, SpO2 , NiBP, PR, Temperature (2 channel) ST segment, arrhythmia detection, event storage and recall, drug calculator
Option 112 Lead ECG
Option 2Nellcor Oximax Pulse Oximetry
Option 32 Channel Invasive Blood Pressure (internal)
Option 42 Channel Invasive Blood Pressure (expansion module)
Option 5EtCO2 side-stream (expansion module)
Option 6EtCO2 main-stream (expansion module)
Option 7Integrated recorder

“Care of the critically ill requires prompt and accurate decision making”

The robust design ensures your investment is protected throughout the life of each product. So, whatever the environment, the smartsigns compact series rises to these challenges.

Future proof your investment with centralised monitoring using a wired LAN connection, up to 64 Compact 1200 monitors can be connected to Central View. Continuous, real time vital sign information is transferred over the hospital network to the workstation where department wide surveillance is accomplished. The bi-directional control between the work station and each monitor delivers a totally integrated solution.