Smartsigns Compact 300 Spot Monitor

Simplicity, Reliability and Affordability

The SC300 is a new mains / battery operated compact spot check vital signs monitor; this powerful, flexible platform offers healthcare professionals a range of measurements which includes non-invasive blood pressure, pulse rate, pulse oximetry and a wireless tympanic temperature option.

Equipped with a long life 12 hour high capacity battery pack, the SC300 can be used in any healthcare setting. Patient status is displayed on the 6” colour coded digital display enabling clinicians to make critical decisions at the point of delivery. The SC300 is suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients.

Maximise Productivity

The attractive design with its easy to use user interface maximises the care givers’ productivity. Measurements are made at the touch of a button which means that users are able to spend more time caring for their patient rather than working through user documentation or set up options.

The wireless thermometer option delivers accurate measurements with all patient groups in seconds. The pre-heated probe tip enhances the patient experience and supports accurate measurements. To support patient administration and effective record keeping, the large internal memory can store up to 50 sets of measurements.

Smartsigns Compact 300 Spot Monitor

Clear 6” digital display with large easy read information

Choice of SpO2 technologies:

                                                  • Own brand

                                                  • Nellcor

Wireless temperature option (up to 10m range)

50 Measurement memory

Long life battery pack (12hr)

Integrated carry handle

Minimum number of controls