NASAL® SPONGE nasal dressing is a ready-for-use dressing made of expandable polyvinyl sponge coated (or uncoated) with haemostatic gauze and a string that facilitates dressing removal. The optimally selected sponge structure ensures perfect haemostatic properties. The dressing adapts to the anatomic shape of the nasal cavity. It does not adhere to the tissue, thus reducing the risk of potential complications such as clots or bleeding.

Nasal Sponge nasal dressing has a double haemostatic function: it absorbs bodily fluids and forms gelatinous substance through the external haemostatic gauze layer. blood coagulation in order to accelerate physiological haemostasis (during the contact of the gel with the wound surface).


Epistaxis and post-operative haemostasis in the paranasal sinus and the nasal cavity.


External haemostatic gauze turns into gel after any contact with blood, and the mechanism of blood coagulation is activated to accelerate physiological haemostasis.

External gauze may expand in order to generate required compression on the wound surface and thus result in physical haemostasis due to the pressure applied.

The gel structure of the haemostatic gauze ensures moist environment facilitating faster epithelialization process of the nasal mucosa, it reduces the range of injuries and the possibility of subsequent epistaxis

Safety and benefits:

Safe for use, without any adverse effects.

Fast haemostasis.

Ensures moist environment in the area surrounding the wound and accelerates the healing process.

No occurrences of wound adherence of the dressing.

Lower risk of occurrence of a secondary trauma.

Easy to use.

Pain-free application and removal of the dressing.