Apogee 2300

  • 15” LCD Display
  • Compact design enable flexibility
  • Replaceable Lithium battery
  • 2 Prob Sockets
  • Nanoview (Speckle reduction)
  • Auto Fit Optimization
  • MFI (inversion THI)

Cardiac Package available

  • Streamlined Control Panel
  • FusionFreq
  • 4D Prob
  • Auto IMT
  • Auto Volume
  • Elastography (Optional)
  • Needle Enhancement (Optional)

MFI: By reducing signal distortion and eliminating unwanted noises MFI renders premium images with outstanding resolution high contrast and enhanced penetration.

XBeam: The technology helps to ease echo artifacts and improve spatial resolution.

4D Pro: supports abdominal volumetric probes as well as a trans-vaginal volumetric probe to obtain 3D/4D images both in ob-gyn application providing complete information with nSlice Q-cut and Any Cut

TDI: TDI helps to assess the directional and temporal phase of cardiac so as to display the movement state of myocardium and the movement speed of heart.

Nanoview: By reducing noises and artifacts Nanoview is able to present tiny lesions in soften images with distinct tissues and enhanced edge helping to offer reliable diagnostic results.