Apogee 3300 Neo

  • 19” Display Monitor
  • Color Dopplers
  • 4 Prob Sockets
  • 3D, 4D Display
  • Streamlined Control Panel
  • Tissue Harmonic imaging
  • X Beam: Compound imaging
  • Auto IMT
  • Auto Volume
  • VS Flow (Optional)
  • Elastography (Optional)
  • Needle Enhancement (Optional)

4D: With self-owned 4D technology doctors can be easily achieved 4D image with various functions such as rotation zoom in/out and trim. probes enable the system to real-time display volumetric information of fetus or organ conveniently and efficiently.

CW: Continuous wave Doppler detects the abnormal cardiac high-speed blood.

Panoscope: Extending wider view for doctors to scan large area tissue the system particularly allows doctors to monitor the scanning quality.

Auto-fit: One button optimization function not only adjusts TGC and B gain but also base line PRF and PW gain realize the best 2D image and PW spectrum.