Sonicaid Team 3

Designed to improve the standard of obstetric care, this new stylish design does not dominate the bedside, yet continues to offer a clear visual of the status of the fetus.

The Sonicaid Team 3 Series is easy to use and intuitive via the icon driven touchscreen, and the fetal heart rate can be displayed as “Big Numbers” and auto-scales depending on single, twins or triplets monitoring for optimum visibility.

The NEW Team 3 Series is full of features to provide cost-effective, reliable and accurate fetal/maternal monitoring:

Automated Sonicaid Actogram and maternally sensed fetal movements are also available.

Integrated Trace interpretation – a unique Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool

The Dawes-Redman® CTG analysis provides an objective, numeric and consistent assessment of the CTG. Exclusive to Huntleigh, the latest version offers an indication of fetal status measured against the latest & largest database of its type, giving far greater reassurance and aiding clinicians’ professional experience to determine the best course of care.

Monitoring without limitations

Never lose a trace, and maintain continuous monitoring with the optional internal battery, ideal for monitoring during maternal transfer. For peace of mind our Trace bank internal memory and backup feature, allows “a lifetime” of fetal heart traces to be stored, archived and retrieved. 1

Maternal Blood Pressure – clinically validated for use in pregnancy

The first fetal monitor with BP technology which measures blood pressure during cuff inflation and is clinically validated for use in pregnancy.2 Increases comfort for the mother avoiding uncomfortably high pressure and significantly reduces measurement time and noise.

Additional risk management tool during labour

The TREND intrapartum function provides clear data on periodic changes over time in the FHR. For use during the first stage of labour. Trending of baseline, STV and deceleration data provides a powerful aid to labour trace interpretation.

Sonicaid Team 3






Antepartum TEAM3A and Intrapartum TEAM3I

Antepartum and Intrapartum models available in singleton, twins or triplet configuration. Available with maternal vital signs and integral battery options.

Paperless eCTG option

Paperless monitoring option with no printer. (PC & software required)

High BMI, High Performance Transducers

Widebeam ultrasound technology

Widebeam ultrasound technology has resulted in a wider, deeper, uniform beam shape, coupled together with superb digital Doppler audio, enabling clinicians to quickly and easily locate and maintain contact with the fetal heart beat. Especially when monitoring high BMI cases.

High BMI Performance

Our highest sensitivity ultrasound reduces the need for invasive FECG monitoring. Our transducers offer outstanding performance even on high BMI women with our patented “Locate and Track” technology. “Great performance fetal monitoring, even when used on women with a high body mass index (BMI)… Reduces the need for invasive procedures”

Managing multiple pregnancies

Team 3 is capable of monitoring single, twins and triplets, allowing just one monitor to be used, further improving efficiencies

Wireless Transducers

TEAM3 is compatible with our wireless transducer system,

Sonicaid Freedom, offering flexibility in your choice of how to monitor mother and baby. The system consists of wireless fetal heart and contractions transducers and a receiver base system. This gives a more mobile and less restricted experience, enabling mum to assume positions of comfort in early labour.• Freedom from cables• Freedom to move around• Enhanced safety and convenience for waterbirth monitoring